School Planning Council

What is a School Planning Council?

Following are excerpts from the Ministry of Education’s website defining School Planning Councils (for more information, visit

The purpose of School Planning Councils is to formally acknowledge the importance of parental involvement in improving student achievement. The School Planning Council is an advisory body. The major responsibility of School Planning Councils is to consult with the school community in developing, monitoring, and reviewing school plans for improving student achievement.

The SPC must meet requirements outlined in the School Act:

  • “By a date specified by the board, a School Planning Council must prepare and submit to the board a plan for the school in respect of improving student achievement and other matters contained in the board’s accountability contract relating to the school.” 8.3(2)
  • “A School Planning Council must consult with the Parents’ Advisory Council during the preparation of the school plan.” 8.3(3)

The SPC provides advice to the Board of Education with respect to:

  • allocation of staff and resources in the school
  • matters contained in the board’s accountability contract relating to the school
  • educational services and educational programs in the school

The SPC does not engage in discussion or provide advice regarding:

  • personal/confidential information on students, teachers, parents, or other employees
  • complaints about individuals
  • personnel matters

School plans are to focus on specific areas of student achievement. Student achievement includes intellectual, human and social development, physical and career development. The primary focus of the school is on intellectual development.
School plans should reflect the context of the school and the full range of students served.

The SPC should consider the performance of significant groups depending on the population of the school (e.g., Aboriginal, ESL, Special Needs, etc.).

Goals identified by schools should be “SMART”:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

The format, timing, and process for submission of school plans to the Board of Education will be decided by the school district.

School plans should include:

  • clearly stated goals
  • analysis and rationale for the selection of these goals
  • an indication of the specific performance targets for improving student achievement
  • a description of the data that the school uses to track its progress “

The School Planning Council members for 2013-2014 are:

As parent representatives on the SPC we hope to continue to be effective partners and planners. We welcome your input.