About Us

École Willows School is a dual track, K-5 school of  624 English and French Immersion students.   Our school is located in the municipality of Oak Bay, and we are part of the Oak Bay Family of Schools.

Our school offers a safe and respectful environment where students learn and grow.  We have high academic and social expectations of our students and foster these traits through a rich variety of programs and extra-curricular activities in specialty clubs, fine arts, and athletics.

Being healthy is important and helps us become good learners.  Our students have the opportunity to take part in daily physical activity as well as a number of teams such as Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Rugby, Track and Floor Hockey.

We also know that music and fine arts play a valuable role in developing well-rounded learners.  Students benefit from music instruction in the classroom and students in grades 2 – 5 have the opportunity to join one of the school’s choirs.  This year our four choirs totaled more than 364 students.  The two Senior Choirs performed at Victoria Sings in March, and were invited to take part in the Rink Cycle II – Victoria Symphony Celebrates Canada 150 with Victoria Youth, this past week-end.  The annual school musical is just around the corner and rehearsals are in full swing.  Grade 5 students have the opportunity to take part in our strings program and perform for the school on a number of occasions.

Clubs such as our Chess Club, Homework Club, skipping Club, and the 40 Book Challenge Club run throughout the year.

We are very excited about the growing integration of technology at our school which is enriching and enhancing student learning.  All classrooms have Smartboards which both staff and students use, and this is in large part to our dedicated PAC.  Children using Chromebooks and iPad’s are now becoming a daily thing, and boy are the kids ever excited about how they can enhance their learning.

Our Parent Advisory Council works hard to support the many initiatives at the school.  Through their efforts we have been able to enhance our library, support literacy projects, fund fieldtrips, provide a bus trip for every class, enhance our technology initiatives, promote physical activity, and bring in artists and authors.  Our parents also host book fairs, Pizza/Sushi days and special evening events.  They are also in the forefront of parent education and work to bring in speakers throughout the year focusing on areas of importance.

The community spirit is high at École Willows School and we invite you to join us.