Staff Directory

Administration Staff

First NameLast NamePositionEmailDivision
Dianne ChretienVice-Principalemail
WendyLuederAdministrative Assistantemail

Teaching Staff

First NameLast NamePosition Division
DominiqueRochefortTeacher Gr. 5 Engemail1
Melissa SharrattTeacher Gr. 4/5 Frimemail2
Danielle ColemanTeacher Gr. 4/5 Engemail3
Melissa ZuyderduynTeacher Gr. 4/5 Engemail4
Alison MaloughneyTeacher Gr. 4/5 Engemail5
Olivia AynsleyTeacher Gr. 4/5 Frimemail6
EvelynMoralesTeacher Gr. 4/5 Frimemail7
Leah EdgleyTeacher Gr. 3/4 Engemail8
NickyGreenTeacher Gr. 3/4 Frimemail9
Cathy McMillanTeacher Gr. 3.4 Frimemail10
TBATeacher Gr. 3/4 Engemail11
JulieHelmsTeacher Gr. 3/4 Engemail12
Myles WardellTeacher Gr. 3/4 Engemail12
Cathy IretonTeacher Gr. 2/3 Engemail13
Gabrielle DannTeacher Gr. 2/3 Frimemail14
Caroline AlbistonTeacher Gr. 2 Frimemail15
Cameron JamesTeacher Gr. 2/3 Engemail16
Shari AlexanderTeacher Gr. 2 Engemail17
Nadine DavisTeacher Gr. 2 Frimemail18
Jane MortlockTeacher Gr. 1/2 Engemail19
Alyson ShorthouseTeacher Gr.1 Frimemail20
Oonagh GannTeacher Gr. 1 Engemail21
Heather McKeeTeacher Gr. 1 Engemail22
Kelsey AndersonTeacher Gr. K/1 Frimemail23
Angele VerrierTeacher Gr. K/1 Frimemail24
Sally HallamTeacher Gr. 1 Frimemail25
Jessa DuyndamTeacher Gr. 1 Engemail26
Launie FranksonTeacher Gr. K Engemail27
AmandaShearingTeacher Gr. K Engemail27
Heather GrantTeacher Gr. K Engemail28
GailEvansMusic Teacheremail
DavidLocheadStrings Teacheremail
AndreaSkinerTeacher Librarianemail
Dianne ChretienPE Teacheremail
CarleneNexPE Teacheremail
RonDannTeacher /Inclusive/Learning email
CathyLamontTeacher /Inclusive/Learningemail
LauraBarwinTeacher/ Reading Recoveryemail

Itinerant Staff

First NameLast NamePositionEmailWebsite 
JeanetteAlexanderSpeech and Language Pathologist
LanaArcherOccupational Therapist
AciaShultzDistrict Psychologist
KariSleivertTeacher of Deaf and Hard Hearing
MeganJantzTeacher of Deaf and Hard Hearing

Support Staff

First NameLast NamePosition      
Line AlarieEducational Assistant
Cindy DyckEducational Assistant
Dorothy MachariaEducational Assistant
HeatherMcRaeEducational Assistant
ShannaElliottEducational Assistant
Chad FisherEducational Assistant
Suzanne PierceyEducational Assistant
MichelleGagnonEducational Assistant
SamanthaDaviesEducational Assistant
Veronica WhiteheadSecretarial Clerk
Linda GriffinSchool Assistant
Kate CullenCustodian