Principal’s Message

École Willows School has always valued the traditions of the past as much as the possibilities for the future. I am committed to maintaining the excellent reputation Willows has and together we will build upon its successes and its outstanding commitment to be a wonderful place for children.  The staff is one of the most wonderful, energetic, and committed group of educators I have had the honour to work with.   They will do their very best for every child and I will assist them in any way I can.

Parents have always played an important role in our school’s successes.  They encourage participation in a variety of activities that support the school as well as individual classrooms.  They read and write with children, share their professional skills with classes, coach our sports teams, and support our fine arts initiatives.  Parents complete our team.

I believe that together we can continue to grow as a vibrant learning environment for every child. The keystone to our work here is to continue to strive for academic excellence while supporting each student’s learning needs.  Children begin their schooling experience with excitement and wonderment and we will try to foster this joy be engaging the students in their studies while providing them with a safe, caring, and supportive environment.

Our school must be a place where self-esteem is as important, if not more important, than any other aspect of schooling, and that we develop that self-esteem through individual and group successes. To me success is a feeling, a dream, a state of mind, and an outcome. As educators, we must find out what our students’ strengths are and promote them. Whether it is being a reader, an artist, an athlete, a mathematician, a problem solver, a speaker or a dancer, it is up to all of us to help deliver this dream. It is by building on these dreams and successes that new successes are born.

Wendy Holob
Principal / directrice