Willows – Child Care Spaces

May 9, 2019

Dear Willows Community,

We am writing to provide a few updates on facility matters at the school.

First, as many of you are aware the District has cancelled the construction of new Learning Studios on the Musgrave field. We very much appreciate the feedback from the community. As noted in our recent meeting the District is continuing to explore opportunities for childcare at Willows. We are, however, waiting to see the impact of the Boundary Review on capacity as well as looking at only options that do not involve additional Learning Studios on the field. We will be coming back to community before submitting any application.

Second, there have been a number of questions about the playground on Tod Road, particularly with the recent installation of the cedars on the site. The District had planned to install a small barrier at the site given the proximity of the playground to the road. We were waiting, however, for planting season to come around before proceeding. We want to acknowledge the concerns of the Willows community with respect to not communicating the timing and extent of the District’s previously planned work at the site. This has led to speculation about the project generally that has impacted the community. At this time there is no further plan to alter the site. If this does change, the District will consult the parent community and neighbours prior to any alterations.

We want to reiterate our appreciation for the level of engagement by the parents and larger community at Willows.


Greg Kitchen

Associate Superintendent of Schools

Greater Victoria School District No. 61