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Willows School provides an array of extra-curricular opportunities. It is important to remember that these activities vary from year-to-year depending upon the expertise, energy and interest of volunteer sponsor teachers. Some of these activities occur only during appropriate seasons while others run for longer durations.


Junior and Senior Choirs at “Victoria Sings”

Junior and Senior Choirs

Music is known to be highly valued at Willows. We are always proud of our choirs. The Senior Choir membership comes from students who are in Grades 4, 5. These students have several performing opportunities throughout the school year. The Junior Choir is offered for students from Grades 2, 3.





Grade 5 Strings Students at our Christmas Concert

Strings Programs

Willows’ Strings Programs are offered to our Grade 5 students each year. The students perform at our Christmas Concert, during the District String Finale, and at a final assembly for the school.
We encourage students to try an instrument even if it is only for one year. The experience of being part of a group builds responsibility and commitment. Students have two 40 minute classes each week during the teaching day.




Students in costume for this year’s Spring Musical

Spring Musical

Each year our music teacher Mrs. Evans, along with Mme Fox, spearhead our annual school musical. Preparations begin in the early spring with the performances set for late April or early May. There are two entire casts for the productions and each cast has one in-school performance, and two out of school performances. Each of these 6 performances are well attended by the community. Grade 5 students are given the opportunity to take on the lead roles on stage and the Senior, and 2 Junior choirs back them up. This event is something the students look forward to from an early age.