athletics_1Cross Country
Students in grades 3 to 5 participate on our Willows Cross Country Team. Under the direction of Mme Dann, students attended morning time practices and run in weekly meets which culminated in the Cross Country finals held at Beacon Hill Park at the end of October. We always appreciate the parents and grandparents who run with the students at practices and come out to the meets to cheer us on!




athletics_3Swim Club
The Swim Club will be starting in November. The students, parents, and coach, meet at the Oak Bay Rec Centre pool each Thursday from 4:00 – 5:00 pm. During their season the children work with their coaches to increase their skill levels. They participate with quite a number of other school in Victoria, in a preliminary swim meet and the successful candidates from there go on to the City Championship meet, which is held some time in March.









Students play according to weight classifications and teams are very well structured. Our team plays against other schools in the district in games arranged by their coaches. They end their season with one or two annual tournaments that bring together all the teams throughout the district. These tournaments are held during and after school time. Rugby has been played at the school for many years and it has become a traditional activity that the students look forward to.





                                                                                Track and Field
athletics_2Each year, when track season begins we have may students from grades 3, 4, and 5 come out to try out for the track team. Tryouts and practices are held at lunchtime as well as after school. Our coaches are dedicated to training the children well and making sure they all have fun while training. We participate in our Zone Track meet that is usually held at the end of May and then our District Wide Finals. The Final track meet is usually held during the first week of June.
Our students do very well at both of these events as is depicted in the picture at the left. We encourage any students interested in track to come out for the team.