Canadian Parents for French

Canadian Parents for French is:

  • a national network of volunteers which includes parents, French Immersion students and educators, who support learning and using French as a second language
  • a sponsor for various French activities funded through membership fees, fundraising activities and socio-cultural grants

Canadian Parents for French is NOT:

  • a Francophone organization (CPF supports the learning and use of French but all CPF information and meetings are in English)
  • affiliated with the school board but often collaborates when putting on activities.

Victoria has its own chapter, which organizes at least two major events a year: a French Film Festival and the Concours d’art oratoire (a public speaking competition for students from Grade 5 – 12). Volunteers are needed and always welcome. The local chapter meets bi-monthly, and meetings are hosted each time by a different French Immersion school. The aim is to build a French Immersion community, where parents can meet, exchange information and ensure that the interests of the program are protected (the School Board consulted extensively with the local chapter during the Middle School reconfiguration process: through CPF, French Immersion parents were able to voice their concerns and make their wishes known).

If you choose to join CPF you will receive both a national newsletter and a local chapter newsletter. The former will be sent to you through the mail four times a year and the latter will be sent home in the school mail three or four times a year. For further information on CPF and membership forms check the bulletin board outside the Willows School office or the CPF website at

French for Parents Workshops
For further information, and to register for classes please contact Éducacentre at 1-866-266-6613 or e-mail Éducacentre, a not for profit organization, has been in operation in BC for over eleven years. Its mandate is to provide education and training services for adults in French across the province. The centre delivers services ranging from basic literacy to computer courses to employment services mainly to French speaking adults across the province. Éducacentre has been delivering the French for Parents Workshop across BC for more than five years. For the past few years CPF and the BC Francophone Parents’ Federation have worked in partnership with Éducacentre to deliver the workshops. The workshops are partially funded by the Ministry of Education.

Alliance Française
For French courses, programs and events see
Phone 477-5508 for information on beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

University of Victoria Continuing Studies
See French language programs for adults and children at
Phone: 721-8630 or e-mail:

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