PAC Overview

The Willows Parent Advisory Council (PAC) consists of any and all parents with a child enrolled at Willows. There is no limit to the role this group can play in the context of this learning community. Our goal is to have an adequately resourced, equipped and engaged school community so as to enhance the educational, physical and emotional development of our children. We listen, discuss, advise, inform, support, serve, contribute, and engage in many aspects of school life.

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Willows PAC is a fundraising-free zone.
Instead we operate a PAC Contribution program, which has yearly raised $10,000 – 14,000 with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the school. This has saved countless hours of volunteer and teacher time, and has restricted the commercialization of our school.

Willows PAC supports each classroom with a yearly allotment of funds
to make purchases to support classroom learning at the teacher’s discretion. Each child is also allotted a dollar amount to defray field trip costs.

We also fund:
the computerized call back system, home reading books, library books, Fine Arts performances, playground leadership training, author talks, the music program, outdoor play equipment, bike safety initiatives and student recognition.

We aim to have every parent connected
in some aspect of the learning community of their child. These opportunities benefit greatly the long term achievement of all our children. Community building at every level is a PAC priority.

Every parent or guardian of a child registered at Willows School is automatically a member of the “Willows School, Parent Advisory Council”, with voting privileges. The PAC is an excellent forum for parents to be involved in supporting our children’s school experience, on many levels. Parents participate with the PAC in a volunteer capacity only and your support is very much welcomed. Whether you are interested in participating at an organizing level or you are only able to help on occasion, when time is available to you; your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Our Mission Statement
“The Parent Advisory Council / Willows School is dedicated to the education and well being of students. Its mission is to foster cooperation and promote effective communication between home and school in the teaching and guidance of students, in order to provide the best educational environment for each student at Willows Elementary School according to physical, emotional and social needs.”

Our Activities
As with all Parent Advisory Councils we support Willows School by directing the proceeds of our fundraising efforts to many facets of the school. In addition to our fundraising efforts the Willows Parent Advisory Council organizes:

  • Parent representatives for each classroom to help coordinate class events and activities, such as transportation for field trips.
  • In order to support our very busy administrative staff; the PAC funds and operates a specific telephone line in the school (“Willows Call Back”) for parents and guardians to contact the school if their child is unable attend school on any given day. Thereby ensuring that all children are accounted for and have arrived at school safely.
  • Parent volunteers perform “Lice Checks” at intervals throughout the year.
  • Three parent representatives are elected each year to the “School Planning Council”; an advisory group instituted in the “School Act”; for parents to consult with our school administration and teachers in developing, monitoring and reviewing school plans for improving student achievement; both academically and socially.
  • The Willows PAC is represented with the Canadian Parents for French, the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils and the Municipality of Oak Bay, Child and Youth Committee.

The list goes on; suffice to say that without your support, through our Parent Advisory Council, Willows School would not be the same.

It sounds like it all takes a lot of work and organizing; yes it does. However, you can be sure that we have a lot of fun doing it.

PAC Meetings
If you are curious about the functions of the Parent Advisory Council and want to know more about the enormous impact that your PAC has in enhancing the quality of our children’s school experience; we encourage you to contact one of our Executive members or better still; attend a meeting. Your PAC meetings take place on the third Wednesday evening of every month, throughout the school year, at 7:00 pm, in our school library.